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Personal Injury Attorney in Freeland

The Law Office of James Carbone offers a multiple of services for any situation that you may find yourself in. No matter what happens to you, or those you love, the resources and support of our firm will always be there to ensure that whatever settlement or jury verdict comes, it will fairly compensate you for both the economic and non-economic damages that were a result of your accident. Call us today to talk about your case!

Your Personal Injury Advocate

A personal injury case can be financially, emotionally, and even spiritually ruinous. Having an advocate by your side fighting for your interests every step of the way is essential in this seemingly never-ending process of depositions, insurance claims, and legalese. Let the Law Office of James Carbone PLLC fight for your interests today. Spend less of your time  and energy worrying and more of it on resting and recuperating instead.

Keeping Insurance Companies Fair

When you pay your insurance premium every month, you're paying for the peace of mind to know that if anything should ever happen to you, your 'back' is covered. Sometimes, however, insurance agents are careless - or even unscrupulous - and deny claims that should rightfully and legally be covered. As your attorney, I will fight to ensure that you get every penny owed to you under your insurance policy,  and that you are left as financially unaffected as possible.
Personal injury claim

30 Years Litigating Before Juries

Litigating in front of a jury isn't an easy thing. It usually takes countless years of experience and dozens if not hundreds of trials before an attorney can feel comfortable - let alone confident - in open court. With over 30 years experience litigating in front of juries, James Carbone has the practical knowledge and experience to ably defend your interests in open court. Don't put your life in the hands of an inexperienced novice, give us a call and we'll schedule your free consultation today. 
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