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An automobile accident, or any other type of accident, can be one of the worst experiences a person might ever go through. Being in such a situation without legal representation can be tough! James Carbone, an attorney with years of experience, extensive knowledge of both law and case law,  will fight for you tooth and nail to make sure you are taken care of. When you're a client of the Law Office of James Carbone PLLC, this is a position you need not ever find yourself in. 
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30 Years of Litigation Experience

With over thirty years of experience in the courtroom, James Carbone is a potent advocate for your interests, both in and out of the courtroom. With the backing of his entire legal team, the Law Office of James Carbone PLLC  will work diligently to provide you with high quality representation whether your grievance is insurance-related, personal injury, wrongful death, or other.

Your Personal Injury Advocate

Being unable to work after a car accident - for months, sometimes - can be an extremely stressful experience. While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a particular legal case, choosing the right lawyer to advocate on your behalf can dramatically increase the chance you will receive compensation for all the damages you've suffered - in terms of both medical expenses and physical and emotional pain.

Member of the Washington State Bar

A member of the WA state bar, in good standing for more than thirty years, you can trust James Carbone PLLC to be professional, confidential, trustworthy, and a reliable advocate for you in any legal setting - deposition, arbitration, settlement negotiation, or trial. Let me represent you and help ensure that the integrity and fairness of the court system works for you.
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